"Style is a simple way of saying complicated things." - Jean Cocteau


Calligraphy Styles

Paloma Style

With brushy detailing and casual elegance, Paloma feels at home in the south of France.

Lauren Style

Lauren is classic turned on its side, adding a fun, artistic flair.


Flora Style

A flourished Copperplate style, Flora is beautiful and ornate.


Pamela Style

Based on traditional Copperplate, Pamela is classic, yet modern.

Abigail Style

A modernized Spencerian, Abigail is formal and refined.


Barbara Style

Barbara is chic and retro, with plenty of old-fashioned charm.

Savannah Style

Like a warm southern home, Savannah is flourished, but relaxed.

Brooke style

Polished with minor flourishes, Brooke s classic and elegant.


Ruby style

Bold and vibrant, Ruby is daring and beautiful.


Jessamyn style

Bouncy and bohemian, Jessamyn fits at both casual and formal events.

Macy Style

Simple and classic, Macy is both beautiful and casual.

Polly Style

A relaxed, sunny style, Polly feels most at home on the beach.

Gemma Style

Done using a brush, Gemma is quirky and artistic.

Scout Style

Sporty and cool, Scout is modern casual.